We turn 10 years!

Today, TibiaWars is celebrating the 10th anniversary.
Discover with us the incredible contest we have prepared.

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And the winners are...

First place: TIBIAWARS 10th Anniversary! Libertabra WAR 2021

Second place: Tibia War Seanera - Gold Reappers x Flameborn #1

Third place: Tibiawars Contest. Wintera War - Diamond Reappers VS Awaken Alliance

Special mention to:


Ankrahmun BIG Open Battle - Tibia Retro Hardcore Pvp (Manticore vs Core)

It's time to war! - TibiaWars - 10 Years Contest

Would you like to participate?

Check the rules!

Most importantly, it has to be a WAR video.

What do we mean by that? To our belief, a War video is when we can see a fair battle of 10 vs 10, 40 vs 40... Videos showing clips of 1 vs 25 will not count, as we consider them PK videos instead.

The video has to be uploaded on YouTube

TibiaWars logo has to be visible in the corner of the video. Download here

The videos should be 6-12 minutes long.

The clips in the movie have to be mostly recent.

We will allow a few older clips, however, the majority has to be new, from new battles and wars. They also cannot be older than one year. The only exception from the rule is if you want to use an older clip to present the origin of the conflict.

We only will accept movies from official Tibia.

We will check random deads on the movie to check if they really died in game during this month.

Griefing or insulting in the movie will ban the movie from the contest

DEADLINE! server save of 10th of January, we won't accept more videos after this date.

Contest Rewards

First Place
Choose one of those rewards:
  • War backpack (choose)
  • Bronze Necklace (choose)
  • Nightmare doll (choose)
  • and...
  • Golden warrior trophy
  • Blessing charm set
Second Place
Choose one of the 2 reamining rewards:
  • Main rewards (choose)
  • and...
  • Silver warrior trophy
  • One set of cupcakes
Third Place
The remaining of those rewards:
  • Main rewards (choose)
  • and...
  • Bronze warrior trophy
  • One set of cupcakes

Fight for your reward on the huge world of Tibia

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